Taking mobility into the future

Driven by our passion for innovative solutions, we develop competitive products for the future of mobility while continuing to expand our technology leadership. We deliver solutions for the market requirements of today and tomorrow using our comprehensive technical know-how and our unparalleled system expertise. This is how we help our customers move forward to overcome current and future challenges while making an important contribution to efficient and environmentally-friendly mobility at the same time.





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Where we come from

A heritage of passion and innovation

We have been working side by side as a reliable partner with prominent automotive manufacturers for approx. 90 years now, guiding them on the path towards sustainable efficiency. Our solutions for passenger cars as well as those for many different application scenarios in the commercial vehicle sector feature outstanding durability, reliability and flexibility. They also help to increase the efficiency of the products of our customers. We are constantly developing and enhancing ourselves and our products in order to exceed the expectations of today and tomorrow. Always looking ahead, always solution-oriented, always at your side.

The reliability of a global leader

The reliability of a global leader

With our strong global presence, we focus our actions on our customers worldwide and also guarantee the quality of our products on an international level. Always at the forefront: technological, economical and ecological sustainability. We make it possible for you – always and everywhere.


Excellence through continous progress

Excellence through continous progress

Our expertise in the development and production of pump solutions dates back to 1950. Founded as a company with strong roots in the German mechanical engineering sector, we have established ourselves as a global market and technology leader. Evamo offers: cutting-edge technology, unparalleled system expertise and specialized knowledge that is valued worldwide.


True partnership

True partnership

Individual consulting and a sound technical understanding make us a sought-after development partner who serves its customers in close collaboration. We implement projects in the shortest amount of time with the highest quality standards. Full commitment from the entire team ensures fast, flexible handling.


An expert presents the results of a workshop and explains Evamo's strategy and vision.

Who we are

We are the go-to global pioneer for innovative pump solutions in numerous industries.

We are able to recognize opportunities early on due to our unparalleled experience and expertise in the automotive sector. This enables us to continue to expand our position in new markets, regions and industries based on existing and new technologies. We offer fast, individual solutions for the challenges of our customers that will meet short-term goals as well as stand the test of time.