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Our purchasing process is characterized by a trusting, partner-like cooperation with our suppliers. Working as a team is the only way to meet the high expectations of the market as well as drive forward cost-optimized solutions. The continuous improvement of innovative products in close collaboration with each other ensures healthy growth for both sides. That is why we integrate our partners early on in the development process as well as in the process for continuous improvements.


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Evamo requires highly diverse materials, parts, machines and services. We are constantly on the look out for providers in these areas who are the most competitive. We select our partners using specified criteria and review their performance on a regular basis.


Ein Experte aus dem Einkauf prüft und bewertet die Qualität von Komponenten für Lenkhelfpumpen.

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We are interested in reliable partners who will work with us to master the challenges of global markets. The key to this is continual optimization of the supply chain, which will also enable us to meet increasing cost pressures and growing demand.

This provides opportunities for our suppliers, who can realize economies of scale with us due to standardization, for example. Along with technological aspects as well as quality and cost criteria, one of the main prerequisites for choosing our partners is that they abide by our Code of Conduct. The basic principles of cooperation, environmental protection and respect for the rule of law lay the foundation for a partnership with Evamo.


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