For consistent, optimal system pressure and high-precision power support

The electrohydraulic power steering pump (EHPS) supplies exactly the right amount of oil that is needed for operating hydraulic steering systems in medium to heavy commercial vehicles.

Up to 70% energy savings

compared to conventional power steering pumps with a constant delivery volume


Power on demand

energy consumption adapts to the driving situation



Modular assembly system

The EHPS electrohydraulic power steering pump is designed for use in medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles as well as buses.

We would also be happy to customize our solutions optimally to your individual wishes and requirements. Our versatile modular assembly system gives you so many different options.

Individual product request
The rear view of the EHPS electrohydraulic power steering pump for commercial vehicles shows the connection to the electric motor on the housing.


Guarantees full steering power at a reduced energy consumption

The EHPS has a redundant drive unit that consists of a motor with integrated power electronics, vane pump and customer-specific mounting bracket (optional). The integrated power electronics regulates the motor speed in a highly energy-efficient manner corresponding to the requirements of the steering system (smart speed control) or to an external setpoint.

The motor is a permanently synchronized motor (PSM) with redundant, specially separated winding packages. The speed of the motor and the vane pump are identical.

The vane pump designed as a dual circuit pump consists of a housing, cover, front plate, shaft and a rotor set. The rotor set consists of the rotor, ten radially-guided vanes and the cam ring. The generated oil volume flow is proportional to the speed.

Both the motor power/speed and the transmission behavior of the pump are noise-optimized to each other for use in electric vehicles (EV).

Technical Data

Details about
EHPS power steering pump*

Details about
EHPS power steering pump*
  • [1] - 
    Pressure port
  • [2] - 
    Rotor with vanes
  • [3] - 
  • [4] - 
  • [5] - 
    Cam ring
  • [6] - 
    Suction port
Delivery volume (l/min) 25
Max. pressure (bar) 220
Suction port 1 1/16“ – 12UN 2B
Thread (suction port) M26 x 1.5
Pressure port 3/4“ – 16UNF 2B
Thread (pressure port) M18 x 1.5
Operating temperature (°C) -40 to +100
Nominal voltage (V) 24 48 400-800
Rated output (kW) 8.6-9 8.6-9 7.5-9
E-motor type PMSM (6-phase redundancy)
Power electronics and sensors integrated
Communication CAN ISO11898 / J1939
Software Autosar
Diagnosis UDS
Safety ASIL B (optional C/D)
Cyber Security optional
FOTA / SOTA optional
Weight without mount (kg) < 19