For consistent, optimal system pressure and high-precision power support

The powerful FPC3 power steering pump supplies exactly the right amount of oil that is needed for operating hydraulic steering systems in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Robust design

Proven design ensures reliable supply to the steering system

High efficiency level

with low weight


Modular assembly system

Our wide-ranging production program includes various pump designs and model series. We would also be happy to customize our solutions optimally to your individual wishes and requirements. Evamo's highly flexible modular assembly system makes most anything possible.

Because of our flexible construction method, we can implement customer-specific requirements in the production of the FPC3 power steering pump. This gives us the option of installing customer-specific drive components or brackets in order to adapt the pump to the assembly space.

Individual product request
The modern product design of the FPC3 car power steering pump enables energy savings thanks to the pressure relief valve in the valve piston.


Powerhouse with integrated pressure limiting

The FPC3 power steering pump is powered via a motor belt drive. The hub or belt pulley is pressed onto the shaft. Mounting the pump to the engine bracket is done either directly or via a pump bracket.

The FPC3 consists of a housing with a pressed-in intake port and an integrated volume flow control, valve screw with a pressure connection thread, cover, front plate, shaft and rotor set. The rotor set is comprised of a rotor, ten radially-guided blades as well as the cam ring with two symmetrically arranged suction and pressure zones. The fixed geometric delivery volume is defined by the design of the cam ring. The pump shaft is installed in the housing with a ball bearing and in the cover with a needle bearing.

The volume flow control limits the supplied volume flow to a fixed value and a pressure control valve in the valve pistons controls the system pressure.

Technical data

Details about the
FPC3 power steering pump

Details about the 
FPC3 power steering pump
  • [1] - 
    Suction port
  • [2] - 
    Pressure port
  • [3] - 
    Rotor with vanes
  • [4] - 
  • [5] - 
    Cam ring
  • [6] - 
  • [7] - 
  • [8] - 
    Valve piston
Max. theorectical displacement (cm³/rev) 14 15
Max. controlled flow (dm³/min) 11-15
Max. pressure (bar) 130
Max. rotation speed (rpm) 9,000
Max. oil temperature (°C) 135
Weight (kg) 1.45
Drive belt drive (optionally customized)
Drive direction of rotation clockwise or counter-clockwise