Reduced energy consumption for modern mobility

The electrified transmission pump eLOP with advanced vane pump technology reduces the energy consumption for the transmission oil supply, thus helping achieve emission goals.

It operates independent of the combustion engine, enabling modern operating strategies (start/stop, coasting with the engine off).

In addition, the eLOP also supports partial and fully electrified powertrain architectures for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Optimized efficiency level

Demand-based oil supply for reduced energy consumption

For partially and fully electrified driving

Oil supply independent of the powertrain


Modular assembly system

We would also be happy to customize our solutions optimally to your individual wishes and requirements. Our versatile modular assembly system gives you so many different options.

The eLOP comes with a hydraulic connection as a cartridge version.

Individual product request
The rear view of the eLOP passenger car transmission pump shows the noise-optimized design and the pump housing.


Full support for reaching emission goals

When used as the primary pump, the eLOP works to save energy as a demand-based oil pump. It also takes over as the exclusive oil supply for vehicles with an electric powertrain.

The eLOP is operated together with a transmission pump when used as a secondary pump. This enables the use of a smaller, unregulated main pump, which means additional energy savings.

Technical data

Details about the
eLOP electric transmission pump

Details about the 
eLOP electric transmission pump
  • [1] - 
    ECU housing
  • [2] - 
    Motor housing
  • [3] - 
    Rotor with vanes
  • [4] - 
    Pump housing
Max. delivery volume (cm³/rev) 15 @ 1.0 MPa
Max. pressure (MPa) 4.0 @ 4.2 l/min
Max. rotational speed (rpm) 4,500
Weight (kg) < 1,6
Max. temperature range (°C) -40 to +140
Drive E-Motor (BLDC)
Voltage (V) 12
Max. power consumption (A) 60
ECU integrated
Communication CAN bus