Ensuring constant, optimal system pressure and smooth interaction between the transmission components

The unregulated FPG vane pump supplies exactly the right amount of oil and pressure that is needed for shifting and coupling in passenger car transmissions. In addition, the FPG also supplies the transmission components with oil for lubrication and cooling.

Flexible design

Available as a single- or dual-circuit pump, with symmetrical or asymmetrical suction/pressure zones

Maximum efficiency

of vane pump technology


Modular assembly system

We would also be happy to customize our solutions optimally to your individual wishes and requirements. Our versatile modular assembly system gives you so many different options.

The FPG can also be used as a cartridge solution (without a pump housing) in the existing transmission housing. The single-circuit version enables the interconnection of both pressure outlets. The dual-circuit pump is available with either symmetrical or asymmetrical delivery volumes and pressures

Individual product request
The innovative design of the FPG passenger car transmission pump provides exactly the amount of oil and pressure needed for shifting gears and clutch operations.


Top performer with integrated volume control

The FPG transmission pump consists of a housing, cover, front plate, shaft and a rotor set. The rotor set is comprised of a rotor, radially-guided blades in the rotor as well as the outer ring.

The volume flow of the unregulated vane pump is determined by the geometric delivery volume and the speed of the rotor set. The pump speed is the result of the transmission speed and the selected gear ratio.

Technical data

Details about the
FPG transmission pump

Details about the 
FPG transmission pump
  • [1] - 
    Cam ring
  • [2] - 
    Rotor with vanes
  • [3] - 
Model 1-circuit 2-circuit sym. 2-circuit asym.
Max. displacement volume (cm³/rev) 15 15 15
Max. speed (rpm) 7,900 7,900 7,900
Max. pressure (bar) 22 70 70
Max. controlled flow (dm³/min) 118 118 118
Max. oil temperature (°C) 140 140 140
Weight (kg) 0.6 0.6 0.6
Drive directly or via a sprocket
Drive direction of rotation clockwise or counter-clockwise